Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tidung Island, this is the "Bali" his Thousand Islands. The words are echoed by local governments Administrative District Thousand Islands, Jakarta.

Certainly the term "Bali" is the charm of the famous beach and sea throughout the world. Tidung Island also has the same potential. Gorgeous white sand and clear blue sea.

If you are looking for style beach resorts of Bali with a thin budget, Tidung Island is the answer. Only with a budget of less than $ 500 thousand, you can get overnight lodging, meals, boat transportation to and from the mainland Jakarta, until the water play activity.

Tidung Island consists of two islands, Pulau Besar and Pulau Tidung Tidung Small. Overall Size Tidung Island only 54 hectares. Did not take long to circle the island. Moreover, you can rent a bicycle to get around the island. Lazy cycling? Just go up and ask pedicab pedicab takes you to walk on the island of Tidung. Pedicab who use motorcycles are also cheap, ranging from Rp 5,000 only.

Stop by to Tidung, it would not be complete without passing the Bridge of Love. Bridge along approximately 800 meters which is made of wood that connects the island of Pulau Tidung Tidung Large and Small.

Many of the stories behind the naming of the Bridge Love it. A story mentions Tidung Island Big Island is like Adam and Eve Tidung is small. As a liaison "Adam" and "Eve", a wooden bridge was given the name "Love". Another story relates that a pair of lovers who cross this bridge will be lasting.

Walking on the wooden bridge it gives the sensation of its own. Shallow sea, distant nodes, making you can see the reefs on the seabed. Every corner of the plank was so beautiful. No wonder many visitors who are engrossed in their pictures taken here.

Right at the bridge that arched the numerous visitors who test the guts to jump from a height of a bridge into the sea. That said, if you jump as much as seven times in a row, you will get a mate. Believe it, may not, but this is one of the favorite activities of visitors Tidung Island. This wooden bridge was damaged with holes here and there. But now being carried out repairs on the bridge's iconic Tidung Island tour.

Tidung Island mystery grew in the presence of an old cemetery on the island of Small Tidung. There is no written historical sources that mention who is buried in these graves. However, hereditary Chief of the cemetery known as the Black. Locals believe the Commander of Black as the first person to set foot on the island of Tidung. Local residents and even tourists who make pilgrimages to eat a lot of these.

It feels incomplete without a visit to the Island Tidung water sports. You can play around with a banana boat, canoeing, snorkeling, or even diving. Especially for snorkeling and diving, you need to rent a boat to take you to the points which have a more beautiful underwater panorama.

Just enough to swim on the island of Tidung any fun. A typical shallow sea that only one to two meters it is also suitable as a place where children play safely seawater. Staring at the time Tidung panoramic sunset tour is also on the agenda shall visitors. Uniquely, you can see the sunset and sunrise on the island of Tidung.

Other interesting activities on the island of Tidung is seen making candied seaweed. Unfortunately, the confectioner holiday on Saturday and Sunday. If you want to see the making of sweets then came on weekdays. In certain seasons, the locals also make candied Ceremai.

The best time to visit the island Tidung is April to October. Visiting outside these months, so be prepared to meet the storm from the west monsoon. Not to mention, trash piled up so guests additional Tidung Island. When the west monsoon, the garbage shipments from mainland Jakarta 'stray' a guest on the island of Tidung.

There could also be forever regarded as waste shipments waste culprit contributor Tidung Island. Tourists and locals also have contributed to not littering. Surge of tourists in the year 2009 indeed contributes to the contribution of garbage on the island.

You'll travel to the island Tidung? Remember not to litter. In addition, while snorkeling, do not step on coral reefs. Need decades to restore damaged coral reefs.


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