Thursday, June 02, 2011

A young 17 years of reckless sell one of his kidney just to buy iPad2. For that, he must go to the hospital in the city of Chenzhou in Hunan province and must stay in hospital for three days.
"I want to know where he got that much money. Finally he admitted that he had sold a kidney."

"I really want to have iPad2, but no money. Then I saw the ad on the internet there are agents who will pay 20,000 yuan (USD 26 million) for a kidney," I was a teenager named Xiao Zhen in an interview with the Shenzhen TV.

Surgical removal of the kidney was done by some private doctors on 28 April. After three days undergoing restoration, Xiao allowed to go home and get paid 20,000 yuan.

Without waiting for a long time he went to buy a iPad2 and iPhone with the money. Her mother was surprised to see her son has two such expensive items.

"I asked him. I wonder where he got that much money. Finally he admitted that he had sold a kidney," his mother said.

He immediately reported it to police. However, police investigation yielded no results. They can not keep track of three actors who masterminded the practice.

The case caused uproar in China. Many parents complained, materialism was destroying the morale of young generation.

IPad2 become a very popular gadget in China. Thousands of people lined up in front of Apple Store in Beijing to get it.


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