Thursday, June 02, 2011

REMOVABLE from Kuta beach of Lombok, a car drove into the east, along the road sides are full of cafes, inns and surf board rental place. Apparently Kuta became the center of tourist activity in South Lombok, though not as busy as and not as regularly as a tourist area in Bali.

More to the east we perpapasan with more foreign tourists complete with board surfingnya. Across the hills that look green, grassland with dozens of buffalo grazing there, apart from my friend Novotel Hotel area took the path to the right, in our hearts where ya going?



The more distant the more quiet, with a relatively narrow road, there must be willing to give in to stop one that should perpapasan with other four-wheeled vehicles. Soon my eyes widened ... wow ... for God's sake this place beautiful. A very charming beach looks complete with white sand and water gradation of defects, green, light blue, dark blue .... ... .. wowwwwwwwwwww

Plus far in front of him looks a few hills coral tempting to stop off. Here's Tanjung Aan.

On the right and left are the hills that fortify this beach, so the south coast of the ferocious waves indirectly through this beach. Sunny afternoon, I chose to sit under a tree and looked at the sea as much, seemed to not want to share with others, wants to dredge the beauty of this beach as much as I can, keep in my memory so I can still remember its beauty until whenever. Duh Gusti ... this country was beautiful. Really!

There is a ship that can be rented if we want to stop in the hills that stand in front of the reef there. Motor boat that looked very old. Ahhh ... horrified if it would have to rise to the top. Although not as clean as Kuta beach, because there are pieces of tree branches scattered on the beach, Tanjung Aan still stunning in my eyes.

My friend told me, behind that hill there is a place whose name is Stone Umbrella, which became a favorite place for members of the Community Fotographi Mataram hunting. Unfortunately, my time is not much, because they have to chase the sunset in Senggigi.


An overcast afternoon, until it rained in the area Praya. May the weather was fine Senggigi. Across the street from the West Lombok Senggigi until Malimbu become one of my favorites also, what does not, the smooth asphalt road, a row of hotels, cafes, inns alternating with a charming beach. While on the other side look towering hills spreading the aura of coolness.

From inside the car, I can see, dozens of palm trees swaying in the wind, while below it nimbly chasing waves on the beach, it's become an amazing sight. Unfortunately, my time there, clouds still blanket the region, I do not see shades of what I want.

I promise to come again tomorrow, so the next day on the way to Gili Trawangan back I visited this place. And tint it appears, although not perfect, it is enough my heart happy.


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