Monday, August 25, 2014
Today market is technology driven and technology has a special place for innovation. There are many ideas and only a few lucky ones get to bring it to the market. Great ideas are priceless but there are many factors which are responsible for turning it into reality. Besides genius minds it is the money which gives wings to the ideas.

Technology financing is a great business and Asia Pacific is the hub of ideas however the business involves a lot of risks but at the same time the returns on investment is surely lucrative. There are a few important factors which must be kept in mind before investing in an idea and especially Technology Financing Asia Pacific.

One must carefully research the innovation one is considering and make sure to read about it, review the alternatives and may be even hire a technology analyst to get a professional review. One can even go through technology magazines.

1. A great though is just a thought and can be called an idea when it is penned on paper. A planned blueprint with an elaborate action plan must be presented to the investor so that one is convinced. There must be a market trial to strengthen the case. It is always advisable to finance an innovation where considerable time has been spent as there can be expensive flaws. A normal time period of three to five years must be spent working on the plan.

2. One must closely check for the equipments chosen and one must compare it with the alternatives as well with the help of comparison shopping.

3. One must also suggest other options when it comes to equipment purchasing. It will be very cost effective if the equipment is hired rather than purchased as the project is still in the trial stage and once out in the market significant amount can be spent on acquiring if it is successful.

4. Before committing anything on the paper or verbally one must conduct a thorough background check of the presenters. Check which institute did they pass out from, the ranking of the institute, the grades obtained by them, the contribution and support of the institute regarding this idea. One can also conduct a formal interview with the presenters where pros and cons can be discussed at length.

5. One must also check for the copyrights. If the idea is not original and stolen it can create a problem for everyone involved and there is no guarantee that the money will be returned. The investor can also get into trouble. Be careful in that case.

It is indeed a great thing to help someone achieve their dream and be instrumental in giving shape to that dream. However one must do it with caution and look into all the aspects before making a commitment of any kind. Ideas which work always have a strong support be it in terms of technology or money. So go ahead and choose wisely. (Celadon Capital)


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