Monday, June 28, 2010
The Highlands have for ages been a favourite haunt of holiday makers, and now in the age of the stay-cation, holiday homes in Scotland are truly coming into their own. Discover what attracts UK visitors to rent or maybe get a 2nd home in Scotland. When it comes to booking your summer holidays - or a winter, Easter or autumn break actually - you have a choice. You can book a holiday abroad, and queue ( im ) patiently with all the other "sheep " for a plane that might or might not take off, dependent on the fancy of the cabin crew. Or you can decide to keep your feet firmly on terra firma, and instead hop on a train heading North to another world...

A world where you can wake in the morning and watch real sheep grazing at the far end of the garden or walk for hours hearing only the haunting call of the curlew. Scotland is characterized by a stunning mixture of scenery, wildlife and history - and the Highlands have the good fortune to be in possession of virtually every positive feature that Scotland boasts. If you're never happier than when you're mounting up a mountainside, there are Munros aplenty in the Highlands, including Alligan, Schiehallion and Liathach for starters. And if you're hell-bent on historical research, the Highlands have more than their equal share of attention-grabbing castles and other fascinating buildings - many now ruined - which date back to the times before evil landlords evicted the farming folk from their Highland homes, enthusiastic to clear the way for "white gold", aka sheep.

One excellent example of a Highland property that has played its own part in Scotland's story is the spotless white Blair Atholl Castle - the jewel in North Perthshire's historic architectural crown. With its first tower going back to 1269, Blair Atholl's surprising castle looks back on about eight centuries of Scottish history. Today it welcomes visitors from all areas of the UK and the world, who come to like the many interesting artefacts displayed in its provoking rooms and to find out more about the castle's past, present and future.

Castles notwithstanding, slightly more modest holiday houses in Scotland supply a perfect base for a fabulous family vacation, being centrally located and giving easy accessibility to a large range of activities - from white water rafting to whisky tasting and from golf to go-karting. This cornucopia of leisure pursuits has led on to the most recent upswing in popularity of hideaways in Scotland. And whether or not you are simply looking for an occasional weekend break, organizing a luxury two-week "run away from it all " vacation or contemplating buying a vacation home that you and your family can enjoy for some considerable time to come, Scotland is bound to have something to suit.

A quick online search for a perfect Scottish getaway will expose a bunch of holiday accommodation options - from static caravans located amid pretty landscape to quaint country cottages ( including romantic but'n'bens - traditional two-roomed dwellings ) situated up remote glens through to grand country lodges that will accommodate up to 20 folks. So if you'd like to escape the airport crowds this summer, why not make plans to head for Scotland and book ( or perhaps buy ) yourself a holiday house from home in the Highlands. With arguably some of the world's most lovely views on the doorstep, invigorating country air filling your lungs and the light heat of the Scottish sun on your shoulders, you'll be pleased you did. Holiday houses in Scotland - run away from it all this year, as you experience what this fantastic country has to offer.


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