Thursday, June 02, 2011

Do not feel satisfied if the number on the scale used to indicate your weight within normal range or body mass index (BMI) under number 23. Although that figure means that the weights included in the classification of ideal, you should also need to know the composition of body fat.

According to Jennifer Nelson, a nutritionist from the Mayo Clinic, a person with normal body mass index values ​​still may have a high proportion of body fat. In fact, this can occur in people who are classified as thin.

This is then referred to as obese body weight (BW) to normal. This phenomenon is increasingly common in many people.

The composition of body fat usually measured by the percentage of body fat or percent of body fat. Currently, many shaped like the scales measuring device based on bioimpedance system. These facilities are widely available at the health club nutritionist or doctor.

Someone who has a normal BMI, but have excess body fat, were not healthier than people with high BMI.

"Too many layers of fat will make you at risk for cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome associated with diabetes and other chronic diseases," added Nelson.

For that, the concept of weight loss, actually to be done is to add muscle and reduce fat. Weight loss program should be accompanied by the proper exercise for maximum fat burning and muscle mass is maintained.

"You are already there on the right path if it has been trying to lose weight by exercising and adjusting the diet because I was not only lose weight but also body fat percentage," said Nelson.


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