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You have probably heard people call themselves natural born worriers. They say things like, "I worry all the time, and it keeps me awake many times" or " If I don't have anything to worry about I make something up." People who talk like this are signaling that they may have a generalized version of anxiety in Pittsburgh, PA.

Generalized anxiety is one of those disorders that may be hard to pinpoint early in its development, and it's a noticeable long term pattern of symptoms that indicates the person isn't just being a worrier.Generalized anxiety disorder is not the same as other anxiety type disorders like panic disorder.It is a disorder in its own right, but it may also accompany other disorders associated with mood.

Worry Takes Over Life

Usually people are able to worry without letting it overtake their life. During stressful times there are real reasons to worry, and worrying in and of itself is not harmful. In fact, some worrying is a natural event. The difference between worrying about being able to pay your bills this month and generalized anxiety disorder is that the disorder can be emotionally and physically life consuming.

The primary symptom of genera anxiety disorder is constant worry about everything in general - work, health, the neighbors, family, dating, spouse, upcoming events and anything else you can think of at the moment. This disorder does have other symptoms too that are outward manifestations of the impact the constant worrying is having on the body and mind.

>> Sleeplessness

>> General ongoing fatigue

>> Muscle tension including in the back and neck

>> Nervousness that makes the person "jumpy"

>> Sudden sweating for no apparent reason

>> Difficulty breathing

>> Trouble concentrating or focusing on people, activities, work etc.

If you have generalized anxiety disorder, you may also have feelings of impending doom all the time. The typical way this is expressed is, "I have a feeling something bad is going to happen" or by believing that nothing will ever have a positive outcome. You may also experience a rapid heartbeat (which you blame on caffeine) or an upset stomach (which you blame on what you ate for dinner.)

Anxiety Triggers?

This disorder may start early in life or may not develop until the person is an adult. Either way, the earlier it is treated the better for the person. Treatments for anxiety in Pittsburgh, PA may include cognitive-behavioral therapy and possibly medications. Medication is only used to improve your ability to participate in therapy. If you are constantly worrying about the therapy sessions, it will be difficult to make progress!

There is ongoing research to learn if generalized anxiety disorder has measurable triggers like an excess production of mood related brain chemicals. It is quite possible there are physical reasons why this disorder would develop in a person. In the meantime, as research continues, it's important to take advantage of what have proven to be successful therapies for generalized anxiety in Pittsburgh, PA.

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