Thursday, June 02, 2011

Do not just because of the busy, you do not have the time to exercise. Some activities to maintain fitness it can be done in the middle. In fact, just by spending 10 minutes, was enough to make your day better and fitter body. Business, among others:

1. Try the stairs

Almost every office has a ladder. Now, instead of letting the fat "settling" in the skin with a spoiled-spoiled using the elevator, try to choose the stairs as an alternative. Do not think pegalnya, but think that this exercise can tighten the thigh muscles, calves, also stimulate the heart rate. Previously, make sure you do not wear high heels to avoid injuries.

2. Skipping

Ever play the rope when it was still SD? Well, now is the time you repeat that experience. You just need a skipping rope which can be purchased at sporting goods stores and ample space. Benefits of jumping rope is not much different from jogging, the muscles tighten arms, abdomen, thighs, and certainly shed fat.

3. Stretching

Muscle flexing for 10 minutes, can bring many benefits. Besides eliminating stiff, you can take a breath to relax for a moment. Stretching also causes the body to become flexible, so you'll be better prepared to do anything. When you've mastered the basic movements of yoga, you can practice them in the office or at home.


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