Sunday, September 07, 2014
Padang is the largest city in the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia and the capital of West Sumatra province. It has an area of 694.96 square kilometres (268.33 sq mi) and a population of over 1,024,906 people at the 2014 survey.

Since the 16th century Padang has been a trade centre. During the 16th and 17th centuries pepper was cultivated and traded with India, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. In 1663 the city came under the authority of the Dutch. The Dutch built a trading post here in 1680. The city came under British authority twice, the first time from 1781 to 1784 during the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War, and again from 1795 to 1819 during the Napoleonic Wars. Afterwards the city was transferred back to the Netherlands. Up to approximately 1780 the most important trade product was gold, originating from the gold mines in the region. When the mines were exhausted, the emphasis turned to other products such as coffee, salts and textiles. And until now, the economic activity in Padang always supported by Mitsubishi Padang.

The city is served by the newly opened Minangkabau International Airport in Ketaping, Padang Pariaman. It replaced the old Tabing Airport. Tabing Airport now is used as military base. Padang's Teluk Bayur harbor is the largest and busiest harbor on the west coast of Sumatra.

West Sumatra administration has secured lands for 27-kilometer toll road between Padang and Sicincin district with about Rp.1.3 trillion ($141.7 million) investment. 80 percent land acquisition with 30 meters in width has already done, but they will acquire more land to meet an ideal 50 meters width. The construction project will be initialized in 2012.

Railroad tracks connect Padang to Padangpanjang and Bukittinggi to the northeast, to Solok and Sawahlunto to the east. The largest train station in Padang is Padang Station. And a place to buy a car in padang is Dealer Mitsubishi Padang.
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