Saturday, December 12, 2009

For you who needed a place to upload files for free, there is a free file upload which I think is very good to use the MissUpload. MissUpload is a free file hosting provider that offers online storage and download tool.

If you do not do register so the file size that you can be upload only 150 mb and maximum 1 file, but if you register the size of a file can upload a maximum of 300 mb and maximum 10 files. Not bad right? The file you uploaded will be stored forever if you are registered with the premier account, but if you sign up with the standard account the files will be stored for 30 days after last download recorded.

Service offered by MissUpload not only upload and download files, but also can provide income to us. Any files that you upload as much when they have been downloaded 1000 times, then the commission will be given by MissUpload to us as much as $ 10. Not bad again right? The Requirement is you must register as a member first, after that you can follow this program.

Miss Upload, Free File HostingIf you're curious about the services offered by this MissUpload, please open If you want to register as a user should be you will get more profit. So, please upload, download and earn additional income from now.


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