Sunday, August 24, 2014

In the world of bloggers, usually often use his blog to be included in the ad review or often referred to by paid to review. By making an article and get paid by advertisers.

Typically this article there are some reservations, as there is a minimum number of words in the article, must include the advertiser's website link, etc.. If my you write a post / article, and wanted to know how many words in that article, you can use online tools to counter the letters and words that we already provide.

This online tool is not limited to the number of letters and words that can be calculated. How to use it? just copy and paste text into the textarea , and will automatically read how many letters and words in the column. Easy and very simple :)

In addition, this online tool can also be used for social media such as the use of twitter, facebook, etc..

Please visit here: Character & Word Count Unlimited Number


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