Sunday, August 24, 2014

Good Afternoon Dock, a month ago I miscarried and had to dikuret. I wanted to ask whether after keguguguran and dikuret dock will be difficult to get pregnant again? And what do I do I'll quickly get pregnant again? Thank you Dee (27), Balikpapan.


Mrs Dee, after curettage, uterine healing process will also occur. If it's your period again then it could be said to have healed perfectly, which means it is fertile again and can get pregnant.

But if no menstruation after curettage, we must be careful. What is happening so that the infection process her uterus attached or have been pregnant again. That should alert you to her obstetrician. There are no special effort to quickly get pregnant, healthy living and note aja fertile period. May quickly become pregnant again. Amen


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