Monday, April 26, 2010

Visiting a Game Lodge in South Africa is probably one of the most exhilarating experiences that one will ever have. Whether you are a local to the country or a foreign visitor, this type of visit promises to be nothing short of inspiring. Travel and tourism offices throughout the country boost marketing on this type of adventure and for very good reason!

Game lodges in South Africa offer fabulous game viewing opportunities along with bird watching, hiking, spoor tracking and even hot air ballooning. There is simply something for everyone. Most game lodges in the country also pride themselves on being able to offer fabulous accommodation, delectable African cuisine and traditional and cultural visits and shows to delight all their visitors.

One game lodge in particular, Thornybush Game Lodge, is able to offer guests five star accommodations in the form of private luxury suites, each with their own en suite bathrooms and private viewing decks. Holidaying in the lap of luxury while out in the rustic African bush is what this experience is all about.

This game lodge and many other South African game lodges offer great programs for guests children as well. At Thornybush groups of children are allocated specific rangers who enjoy working with younger guests and can both entertain and educate them. Each child will receive an activity pack and outings are designed specifically for each Childs interests and attention spans.

When visiting child friendly game lodges in South Africa, you can be assured that each of your children, regardless of their age and interests, will be fully entertained and happily occupied throughout your stay. There will be no need to worry about arranging something for the children to do! Game lodges in South Africa offer complete holiday packages for all guests regardless of age and back ground.

If you are looking to explore and experience the harsh beauty of Africa, taste of its delicious cuisine and learn more about the local cultures and traditions, then book your next stay with Thornybush Game Lodge and keep coming back for more.


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